Two Minute Warning with Paul Russo

Two Minute Warning with Paul Russo

Inquiring minds want to know what is on the mind of The World's Greatest Thinker. We deliver this knowledge in daily two-minute bite-sized chunks.

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    70: Star Wars on Demand

    Paul discusses the long awaited release of Star Wars on Digital HD.

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    69: A-Paul-ogy #4

    Paul would like to issue an apology to a guy he interrupted at the CVS.

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    68: A-Paul-ogy #3

    Paul would like to issue an apology to a guy a the kolache shop.

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    67: Don't Read

    Paul tells our listeners about how he doesn't read.

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    66: Keanu Reeves

    Paul tells us about his obsession with Keanu Reeves.

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    65: Entourage

    Paul confesses his love for the television show Entourage.

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    62: Jewish Highlander

    Paul tries to remember what Jewish Highlander was supposed to be about.

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    59: Marvel Mailbag

    Paul lists his favorite Marvel movies from best to worst.

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    58: Festivals and Pooping

    Paul tells our listeners how to survive a festival in the event you have to poop.

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    56: Cat Film Festival

    Paul tell us about his magical journey to the cat film festival at the Drafthouse.

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    55: Being a Bachelor

    Paul tells us how to live life properly as a bachelor and cook for one.

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    54: Mailbag

    A special mailbag episode where Paul answers our listener's questions.

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    53: Queso Transport

    Paul tells us about his courageous adventure of being a queso transport mule.

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    50. A-Paul-ogy #2

    Paul would like to issue an apology to his dad for mistakenly choosing to watch Femme Fatale to watch at the movies.

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    48. Onesie Party

    Paul tells us about his adventures of attending a onesie party, not to be confused with furries.

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    47. Riding a Bike

    Paul tells us about his horrible experience while trying to ride a bike.

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    46. Spa Day

    Paul tells us about his experience of going to a spa in Las Vegas.

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    45. Fat Meter Maids

    Paul discusses one of life's great mysteries, fat meter maids.

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    44: Deprivation Tank

    Paul tells us about his experience of going to a deprivation tank.

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    43: Casa de Luz

    Paul tells us about his dining experience at local macrobiotic vegan restaurant: Casa de Luz.

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    42: Tall People at Concerts

    Paul sends a special message to all our listeners to be kind to your tall concert goers, unless they are a dick.

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    41: Dinner with Macho Man

    Paul tells us about the time he had dinner with the Macho Man Randy Savage.

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    40. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    On a special, never been done before, episode of Two Minute Warning, Paul and Dave do live commentary on the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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    Paul tells us about his thrilling experience of riding on the GRAVITRON.

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    38. Wurstfest

    Paul tells us about his adventures at Wurstfest and pork chops on a stick.

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    37. Bloody Marys

    Paul tells us about his first time experiencing a Blood Mary... not the game with the mirror.

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    36. Stories from the ER

    Paul tells us the difficulties of being a lefty and his travels to the ER.

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    34. Texas Stars Hockey

    Paul tells us about us about the thrilling and exciting Texas Stars Hockey experience.

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    33. Furious 7: Quote Challenge

    Dave challenges Paul to see how many Furious 7 quotes he can do in 2 minutes! Also spoilers.

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    32. Furious 7: The Full Recap

    SPOILER ALERT! Paul completely recaps and completely ruins the entire movie for all our listeners.

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    31. Furious 7

    SPOILER ALERT! Paul talks about the newest and most thrilling addition to the Fast & Furious franchise, Furious 7.

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    30. We are back!

    Paul and Dave recap the momentous occasion that is Season 2 of Two Minute Warning.

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    29. Juggalos

    Paul tells us the joys and horrors of the Juggalo community.

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    28. Comedic Flight Attendants

    Paul tells us why comedic flight attendants should not be allowed in the air or anywhere.

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    26. Sports

    Paul talks about sports.

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    25. Torchy's Tacos and Yoga

    Paul uses his extensive knowledge to explain how to successfully combine Torchy's Tacos and Yoga.

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    22. Nic Cage

    Paul tells us about his favorite terrible actor, Nic Cage.

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    20. Transformers

    Paul tells us how only Transformers could top Fast & Furious on his list of terrible movie franchises.

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    19. Cat Drama

    Paul tells us about his recent experience with cat drama.

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    18. Cats

    Paul tells us why cats are the best.

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    17. Class Reunions

    Paul tells us why he won't be attending his high school reunion.

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    16. Midseason Break

    Paul gives us an update on how the season is going so far.

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    15. Kayaking

    Paul tells us why you should never go kayaking, maybe ever.

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    14. Texas Heat

    Paul tells us his tips and tricks to survive the Texas heat.

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    13. Cialis Commercials

    Paul tells us about his concerns about the elderly community and their obsession with erections.

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    12. Fast & Furious

    Paul tells us about the best/worst movie franchise in the history of mankind.

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    11. Terrible Movies

    Paul tells us about his obsession with terrible movies.

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    10. A-Paul-ogy #1

    Paul would like to issue an apology to a guy he met in a Pet Smart.

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    7. Torchy's Tacos

    Paul tells us about his BFFs at the greatest taco establishment in central Texas.

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    6. Weird Celebrity Things

    Paul tells us his feelings about Megan Fox's thumb and Tom Cruise's teeth.

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    5. Me Undies

    Paul tells us about his new favorite kind of underpants.

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    3. Paul's Tattoo

    Paul tells us about the tattoo he's thinking about getting.

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    2. Alamo Drafthouse

    Paul pontificates on the greatest movie theater in the world.

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    1. Yoga Farts

    Paul discusses flatulence in yoga class.

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    Origin Story

    We chronicle the origins of the greatest podcast the world has ever known.

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